Experimental calligraphy with Guido de Boer

Experimental calligraphy with Guido de Boer

11 – 13 June 2021

Experimental calligraphy with Guido de Boer

This three-day experimental calligraphy workshop will introduce you to new ways and ideas on how to start or upgrade your calligraphy skills. The first part of the workshop will be dedicated to the traditional form of calligraphy writing, later we will explore and learn about new approaches and tools for experimenting and expressive writing.

Language: English

June 11–13, 2021

City Museum of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Deadline for applications:
early bird: 15 April, 2021
last call: 8 May 2021

Registration fee:
early bird: 300 €
last call: 380 €

Register via form: https://forms.gle/zU28yZ1KX4RNkfNK8

Organized by: Tipo Brda society & Type Salon

Important information: In case we won’t be able to organize the workshop, because of the restrictions during the time of the workshop, we will refund 100% of your fee. We are going to give you this notice by 15 May.

Mentor: Guido de Boer

As an artist and designer, Guido is perpetually creating images that one can read as well as texts that one can experience visually. His work is large, monumental, always handmade – freehand – with brush and ink. But that does not mean that his art is less graphic. His designs have a hypnotic – challenging the viewer – effect through their rhythmic brush strokes. Guido’s works can be viewed in several Dutch museums and more than a few private collections. 

Guido has exhibited in several Dutch museums, such as: Kröller-Müller Museum, Kunstmuseum / GEM Den Haag, Wereldmuseum Rotterdam, Kunstlinie Almere Flevoland, STRAAT Museum Amsterdam and at the Boijmans Business Club.

Guido has worked for a number of clients, such as: Melkweg Amsterdam, Nationaal Glasmuseum, Het Nationaal Instituut Rotterdam, Ministry of Education Culture and Science, WWF, Mont Blanc, WeTransfer / WePresent & The Next Web.

Guido teached at several schools, art-academies and institutes around the world, such as: Typomania Moscow, Nanjing University of Arts, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, Shanghai Normal University, TUMO Yerevan Armenia, Novy Museum St. Petersburg, Graphic Days Torino, Tretyakov Gallery Moscow & Beyonderground festival Belgium.