28th Tipo Brda: invitation

28th Tipo Brda: invitation

28th Tipo Brda Summer Type Design Workshop
23 August–30 August 2015

This summer, we are hosting two type designers based in Netherlands: Diana Ovezea and Barbara Bigosińska, who earned their masters in type design at t]m KABK in 2013. We are going to start the workshop fully hands-on. We will set off with the exploration of different methods of sketching type and usage of the tools. Further on, we will continue building a concept for a typeface or type family. For the rest of the week, each participant will work on their individual typeface in a digital environment.

Beside some basic and advanced lectures on type design you will be served with practical excercises like: TypeCooker, Double Pencil method or just simple calligraphy with DIY bamboo broad nibs.

Daily routine is
a lecture in the morning (11am), individual work during the day and group consultations at 6pm.
breakfast is served at 9.30am, lunch at 3pm and dinner around 8pm, coffebreaks anytime of the day.

Traditionally, the workshop will take place at Kaverljag (village Grintovec 33a, Šmarje, Slovenia). The workshop fee 230 € includes accomodation, meals, and final exhibition printouts. The maximum number of participants is 16. We also collect membership fee for the year 2015 (pros: 30 €, students: 15 €).

Guest mentors
Diana Ovezea, (Amsterdam) and Barbara Bigosińska (The Hague) will cover the following topics:

– ways to sketch type, getting ideas for type
– process of making a typeface based on their experiences
– drawing good vectors
– spacing and kerning


prof. Lucijan Bratuš, (ALUO); assist. prof. Domen Fras, (NTF) will assist with one to one tutorials.

Who can participate?
Students of graphic design, typography, architecture and all other people interested in designing typefaces.
Expectations: At least some basic experience with creation of type. A laptop is required, we all use application Glyphs, therefore we suggest mac. However, if you work with any other software this is not an obstacle. You are welcome with your own ideas and sketches of type you want to work on.

Tools needed
– black fineliners, black markers, pencils, white-out, ruller, a sketchbook.
The workshop crew will provide transparent paper and other basic stationery.

day 1, Sunday
– gathering in the afternoon
– setting up the studio and the dorm
– welcome evening

day 25, Monday to Thursday
– lecture/presentation in the morning; 11am
– individual work and one to one tutorials over the day
– daily group critics in the afternoon 6pm

day 6, Friday
– individual work and one to one tutorials over the day
– preparing specimens

day 7, Saturday
– documentation
– preparing the exhibition
– the exhibition and the party late afternoon

day 8, Sunday
– the end of the workshop

Application process
Briefly present your type design projects if you have them already or just add a link to your portfolio.
Tell us something about you: name, faculty, country, phone, your skills etc. Keep it short and sweet.
Send it to info (at) tipobrda (dot) com – deadline: Friday 26 June 2015.
Wait for notification by Friday 3 July 2015 – we will get in touch with all the participants to inform you with additional details.

Looking forward to meet you at our workshop.

Tipo Brda summer 2015 crew: Lucijan, Domen, Anže & Malvina