Summer workshop – Hand painted signs

Summer workshop – Hand painted signs

Create your own hand painted sign!
(27. August – 3. September 2017)

This summer Jakob Engberg, Founder of Copenhagen Signs, will give an extended Sign Painting and Lettering workshop. The 7 day workshop  will take you through the basics of hand lettering, brush lettering and sign painting techniques. You will end up with your own hand painted sign on your own custom cut wooden panel.

The first part of the workshop will teach you about various lettering styles, layout, colors and effects. Afterwards we will start to work with the brush and practice the fundamental strokes for sign painting. Then onto single stroke lettering, which will get you to know the sign painting brush, the mahl stick and the paint. After the basics, you will start to work on the layout, creating your own personal lettering! You will get to design and cut the shape of your wooden panel, then transfer your layout and paint it. We will work with professional brushes and paint. The course will also work around techniques for painting on glass, transferring techniques such as the pounce pattern, brush care and the generel tools for sign painting. You will get tips and secret tricks of sign painting and also recommendations on books and other inspiration sources of lettering!

This workshop will give you a basic knowledge about sign painting and hand lettering, and the tools to start practicing on your own.

Included in this course is a lettering quill, a mahl stick and of course your own hand painted sign!

Traditionally, the workshop will take place at Kaverljag (village Grintovec 33a, Šmarje, Slovenia). The workshop fee  includes accomodation (sleeping in a shared dorm, bring a sleeping bag), meals, and needed materials for sign painting.  As we literally live together for a week, we expect you to share kindness, be tolerant and give some assitance with the household. This kind of behaviour is absolutely rewarding, mostly leading to lifelasting friendships.

Workshop Fee
The workshop fee is 270 € . We also collect annual Tipo Brda membership (professionals: 30 €, students: 15 €) for all the participants. Only bank transfers are accepted. In case of cancellation we keep 10 % as administrative costs. The maximum number of participants is 15.

Usual crew consist of graphic design/typography/architecture students and sometimes other people interested in letters and typography. We expect some basic experience with type creation or higher interest.

Tools needed
Grab black fine liners, markers, pencils, pens, cutter, white-out, ruller, a sketchbook … basicaly the gear you rely on most. The workshop organizers will provide all the needed materials along with already mentioned extra tools.

Application process
Briefly present your type design/lettering/calligraphy experiences if you have them already or just add a link to your portfolio. Tell us something about you: name, education, nationality, your skills etc. Keep it short and sweet.
Send it to info (at) tipobrda (dot) com – deadline: 1 July 2017 14 July 2017.
Wait for our notification by the next couple of days – we will get in touch with all the participants to inform you with additional details.

If more than 15 participants will apply, we will make a selection based on your portfolio.

Looking forward to meeting you at our workshop.

Tipo Brda Summer 2017 crew: Alja, Krista and Lucijan