30th Tipo Brda: invitation

30th Tipo Brda: invitation

30th Tipo Brda Summer Type Design Workshop
21 August–28 August 2016

We are getting back to the roots this summer. The 30th workshop challenges us to take a look back in the year 1997, when everything enthusiastically began and turned into Tipo Brda by the time. We will do some research and experiments in letterforms as we did in our early days. Welcome all of you who want to design a type your way. You will be given all the support by experienced mentors prof. Lucijan Bratuš, (ALUO) and assist. prof. Domen Fras, (NTF). So take a challenge and join us to explore the type design at the most diverse methods you can imagine.

At the analogue track we are waiting for you fully equiped with drawing tools like DIY bamboo broad nibs, films for stenciling, black cardboard for cut-out, linoleum and the press, rubber for stamps … and numerous old school type specimen books to study from. Depending on your progress or intentions, you can also finish your design digitally by scanning and digitizing artworks.

If you wish to attend the digital track, bring a laptop with a font editor. We suggest Glyphs and Mac, however, if you work with any other software, this is not an obstacle. We will explore subjects within outlines, abstract forms, spacing, patterns, balance, interpolation, opentype, individual workflow …

Traditionally, the workshop will take place at Kaverljag (village Grintovec 33a, Šmarje, Slovenia). The workshop fee 280 € (Tipo Brda members 10 % discount) includes accomodation (sleeping in a shared dorm, bring a sleeping bag), meals, and final exhibition printouts. The maximum number of participants is 16. As we literally live together for a week, we expect you to share kindness, be tolerant and give some assitance with the household. This kind of behaviour is absolutely rewarding, mostly leading to lifelasting friendships.

Daily routine
A short lecture/demonstration in the morning (11 am), individual work during the day and group consultations before dinner. Breakfast is served at 9.30 am, lunch at 3 pm, dinner around 8 pm, coffebreaks anytime of the day.

Usual crew consist of graphic design/typography/architecture students and sometimes other people interested in designing typefaces. We expect some basic experience with type creation or higher interest. Of course, you are welcome with your own ideas and sketches of type you want to explore further on.

Tools needed
Grab black fineliners, markers, pencils, pens, cutter, white-out, ruller, a sketchbook, … basicaly the gear you rely on most. The workshop organizers will provide transparent paper and other stationery along with already mentioned extra tools.

day 1, Sunday
Gathering in the afternoon; setting up the studio and the dorm; welcome evening.

day 2–5, Monday to Thursday
Lecture/demonstration in the morning: 11 am; individual work and one to one tutorials during the day; late afternoon group critics

day 6, Friday
Individual work, tutorials and preparing final artworks

day 7, Saturday
Documentation, exhibition, party

day 8, Sunday
The end of the workshop

Application process
Briefly present your type design experiences if you have them already or just add a link to your portfolio.
Tell us something about you: name, education, nationality, your skills etc. Keep it short and sweet. Do not forget to say if you want to follow the analogue or digital track.
Send it to info (at) tipobrda (dot) com – deadline: Monday 27 June 2016.
Wait for notification by Friday 1 July 2016 – we will get in touch with all the participants to inform you with additional details.

Looking forward to meet you at our workshop.

Tipo Brda Summer 2016 crew: Lucijan, Domen, Marin